How to use

Configure everything in the config.yml file

How to authenticate your product/software/resource:

To determine if a user is allowed to use the software, you can use a POST request,All of this is handled from the Plex Licenses discord bot. You are able to manage licenses by creating, editing, and deleting them, as well as performing other actions.

You must make a POST request with the following data as a JSON to http://YOUR_URL/api/client

    "licensekey" : "LICENSE_KEY",
    "product" : "PRODUCT_NAME",
    "hwid" : "PC_IDENTIFIER" // OPTIONAL

IMPORTANT! You must also send the API Key that you specified in the bot configuration in the header!

You can find some examples here

Status Messages:

"status_msg": "INVALID_API_KEY"
"status_msg": "MAX_IP_CAP"
"status_msg": "MAX_HWID_CAP"
"status_msg": "INVALID_PRODUCT"
"status_msg": "INVALID_LICENSEKEY"
"status_msg": "PRODUCT_NOT_FOUND"
"status_msg": "INVALID_REQUEST"
"status_msg": "RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED"

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